Garden Rugs by Heather Savard

The project consists of two rugs constructed from artificial turf each measuring 20” x 60”. The pattern is created from a google maps screenshot of the orangerie garden in the Palace of Versaille. The original ...

Paper Plates by Heather Savard

A teapot, 4 cups and 4 plates were digitally constructed through 3D modelling software, and unfolded into a flat plane, resulting in a series of polygons that could be folded back into a paper tea set. A pattern from the original tea set was digitally scanned and translated into a black and white image that was then transposed onto the polygons.

Paper installation by Kim McCollum

I made a series of digital drawings that I wanted to engrave into paper. I tested the settings until I found one that would go almost all the way through the paper but not quite. The colour of the paper when touched by the laser was darker. Based on these pieces, I decided to use some of the pieces that I made as part of a large wall collage that also incorporated fine paper grids that I cut using the laser.