Garden Rugs by Heather Savard

The project consists of two rugs constructed from artificial turf each measuring 20” x 60”. The pattern is created from a google maps screenshot of the orangerie garden in the Palace of Versaille. The original garden configuration has been replicated and manipulated to create a focal point with repeating shapes and figures. The pattern has then been laser cut into artificial turf and assembled; creating two rugs that reflect one another. This project required accuracy to cut through the material (artificial turf), that would not have been possible by hand, to replicate the precision in both landscape design and rug making. 

MATERIAL: Artificial Turf

The patterns were created using 3d modelling Rhino software and then saved as Adobe Illustrator files. 


NOTES: The material smelled strongly of burnt plastic. 

TROUBLE SHOOTING: Adjustments were made to the number of passes the laser had to make in order to cut through the material. 


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