Obscene Echo by Marilene Oliver

Obscene Echo
, laser engraved graphite on Somerset Satin, 64 x 83 inches. 2019. Composite image of volume rendered MRI scan data in virtual reality and meshed model generated from CT data laser engraved into graphite covered Somerset satin paper.

MATERIAL: Laser engraved graphite on Somerset Satin


CUTTING/ENGRAVING TIME: 50 minutes per 22 x 30 inch sheet

FILE PREPARATION: The image built from images exported of volume rendered MR scan data in virtual reality combined with meshes generated from CT data exported from Rhino. The images were built in Illustrator and then reimported to PhotoShop and saved as jpegs.  The files were too big/meshes too complex for Trotec to handle as AI files.  

SETTINGS USED: Standard paper engravings settings were used, with a stucki dither 333 dpi.

Notes – graphite powder was rubbed into the paper and fixed before the image was laser engraved.  I did tests with rougher paper but it didn’t work so well.

The sheen and fugitive nature of the graphite powder I identified as having the right aesthetic for this project. The laser cutter’s ability to ‘draw/engrave/ the thin lines of the mesh and the engrave the subtle tonal shifts in the MR renderings is unique.

Also in this series are On Fire, Top and Tails and Ringed Figure (see below)